Skills + Experience

I am a senior graphic designer and production artist with over 15 years experience providing clients with professional print design solutions.

Accessibility Accessibility

I am an expert in the creation of accessible PDF documents with WC3 accreditation and adherence to WCAG 2.0

Technical + Print Technical + Print

Exceptional technical skills for print and web. Experienced in Acrobat Pro, Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) and Quark XPress.

Languages Languages

I have experience working with a plethora of languages, such as French, Aboriginal languages, Japanese, Dutch, German, and some Arabic. I can read and understand French, and speak a little.

Web Web

Web content design experience. General understanding of CSS and PHP, with some knowledge in HTML.

Problem-solver Problem-solver

I enjoy creative and technical challenges, and am always learning something new.

Organized Organized

Motivated and detail oriented, I have fantastic organizational and project management skills as well as a keen sensitivity to client needs.

Are you looking for  an experienced graphic designer with exceptional technical skills?